Video Player

Project Description

Watch movies on any devices from remote source without ads.

This project has many iterations over the years and come to a stop at the end of 2012 since the source wasn’t available anymore.

First used technologies was Mootools and hardcode JavaScript and custom PHP Curl as a proxy connection. The hardest part is making own proxy Class like YUI tools.
Then I have to decide wich web storage to save your favorite movies or history of watched movies. Would it be cookies, localStorage or openDatabase, I don’t want store any data on the server. So I’ve been experimenting with those and as a result I ended up using localStorage. At that time most browsers supports localStorage.

Also I had to keep watch the source for any changes, because it can lead to dysfunction of the app.

When things work well a bit, I moved this app from one thing to another, to keep challenging myself. I found CodeIgniter PHP Framework to experiment on. I was excited and want to build another personal website with this app included. After that on PyroCMS (build on CodeIgniter). Later Twitter Bootstrap to have a good visual.
And after that there was Laravel 3(Another PHP Framework) with their awesome templating.
Then build it on KnockoutJS and jQuery.

When was I about to finish, couple months later happily used by my friends and I, the source decided the close down their website with unknown reason.

List of technologies

  • jQuery
  • KnockoutJS
  • Laravel 3
  • Twitter Bootstrap 1
  • PyroCMS
  • LessCSS
  • CodeIgniter 2
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Mootools
  • Flowplayer for viewing Flash videos
  • MAMP and Apache on Ubuntu Server
  • Git
  • Panic Transmit
  • Textmate, Coda, Sublime Text
  • Client


  • Year

    2006 - 2012

  • Order

    Full web development